Monday, February 10, 2014

AR15 Modification Satisfies Gun Restrictions in New York

AR15 Modification Satisfies Gun Restrictions AR15 Modification Satisfies Gun Restrictions

After New York State banned certain characteristics of many firearms, those who value the Second Amendment and refuse to yield to the arbitrary hurdles put forth by gun control extremists have had to get creative in how they will legally circumvent the draconian laws of the Empire State.

Gun owners have witnessed the pattern of lunacy for decades. Oftentimes, when a government bans certain cosmetic features of a firearm, a panic unleashes amongst gun rights advocates. Soon, however, creative stocks, barrel shrouds and other assorted alternative parts emerge that dutifully obey the law but undeniably violate the spirit of the law.

New York State and various other freedom-hating states have created bans over the years that are specifically-tailored to apply to certain frightening-looking semi-auto firearms that resemble military weapons. Specifically, the AR-15 rifle.

In 1994, when the federal assault weapon ban took effect, certain cosmetic features were banned such as bayonet lugs, flash suppressors and rifles with pistol grips. As Democrats gleefully rejoiced at having finally banned the AR-15, AK47 variants and other assorted “nasty” firearms, gun manufacturers and gunsmiths nationwide got to work modifying the designs. What emerged were AR-15’s without bayonet lugs (a feature that is rarely, if ever, used by the average gun enthusiast) and AK47 variants with a thumbhole stock- a stock that merely connected the bottom of the pistol grip to the rest of the stock offering the shooter the exact same hand position but satisfying the requirements of the law.

American ingenuity had checkmated attempted liberal tyranny.

Now, in response to New York’s SAFE Act which banned adjustable stocks, flash suppressors and pistol grips, New York patriots are developing prototypes of AR-15’s that have modifications that satisfy the New York requirements but still maintain the rifle’s effectiveness.

The Clash Daily Reports:

Prototypes for the newly designed AR-15 are hitting gun shops across New York, as gun shops and machinists have designed a rifle that complies with the anti-gun law. At least one gun shop has received a letter from state police saying that the new AR-15 style rifles should be legal in the state as long as they don’t have some of the features that the law prohibits.

The new gun law bans all kinds of semi-automatic rifles that have been labeled with the “assault” term even though these are very common rifles and are no more powerful than the average hunting rifle.

Features like adjustable stocks, pistols grips, and flash suppressors has been deemed to be unlawful on these rifles, mainly because it makes them LOOK mean. And we all know how little these anti-gun lawmakers really know about guns, as the “Ghost gun” video illustrated.

The new AR-15 design did away with the pistol grip which gives the gun an odd paintball gun look. The stock is fixed as well, but at least New Yorkers now have a legal way to own an AR-15, a fact which is still driving some gun control activists mad.

The rifle- which is, admittedly, a bit odd-looking- should ruffle the feathers of liberals who are likely to feel as if they’ve been thwarted yet again by gun rights supporter. However, conservatives are likely to rejoice as the rifle, much beloved by the gun rights community, has endured a minor cosmetic overhaul but has retained the accuracy and performance for which the AR-15 is known.

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AR15 Modification Satisfies Gun Restrictions in New York